Samsung Q1 Ultra Portable PC

Installing Linux

Well not a lot to write about this really, it is now running Fedora 17 really well, network PXE boot worked flawlessly, the install went entirely as expected.

All the peripherals were detected without issue, the somewhat odd mouse/joystick/cursor keys button works as expected, sound is fine, and networking and wireless “just works”.

The only possible irritation which is solvable easily is the touch screen. It is detected and enabled correctly, but the calibration is off after a power on. The supplied touch screen calibrator outputs a shell command to run to tweak X to fix the calibration. This works but you have to then run this command manually from an X startup script somewhere. I'm still running it by hand, I'll update this page when I have automated this.

Satisfaction - 100%
Would I buy again? Definitely.

Samsung produce a USB keyboard and case for the Q1, I bought one from ebay:-

Despite the warning on the auction above that the keyboard only works with windows, unsurprisingly it works as any standard USB HID keyboard would, ie. no problems at all. Any normal USB keyboard works fine too, and of course the Q1 keyboard will work with other computers as it is a standard USB keyboard. If you are lucky it may even work with windows :-}

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