Lotus Course Notes

These are course notes I made from an R5 admin course. They are in no particular order and may well be totally obsolete.

File extensions

.nsf Notes Storage Facility
.ntf Notes Template Facility

Mail Files

On disk structure code

R3 17
R4 20
R5 41
R6, R7, R8 43
R8.5 51


Maps Tasks on Server, allows graphical drawings of info, eg mail routing.

Replicating Databases - Full Text Index stored separately, will not automatically replicate.

Replica ID is consistent between replicas, this is used to link replicas together.

Each Document in a database has a replication timestamp, this is used to determine if replication is needed.

Form → properties → Check replication conflicts

Notes4 on windows only, nntediff.dll - helps in replication conflicts, in notes.ini on client, AddInMenus=nntediff.dll

In Document Properties, Propeller (icon) → ID, SN=save Number Sequence, most edits win replication conflicts.

Replication or save conflict

  • Save conflict is from two edits on db on same server.
  • Replication Conflict is from conflicts on replicas on two different servers.

Notes client on server is nlnotes.exe (windows only….)

Transaction logging, 3 files created, they have .txn extension (minimum size id 64Mb)

qnc.exe - Notes debugger??

Scheduling tasks - Create program document, use schedule tab. Can be used to run external commands eg backups.

Notes Log, is log.nsf. Set in notes.ini, log= …. log.nsf, 1 0 7 40000 means 1=enabled, 0=not used, 7=rotation in days, 40000 max chars per document.

Notes Domino Administrator Easter Egg, in “about Domino Administrator”, type “Super.human.software” and click on “Notes”

Server console commands

load cmd - loads NT command interpreter inside Notes console. Question, does this work for bash shell on linux?

Install Types

0 Designer
1 Admin
2 Admin + Designer
3 Mail server
4 Enterprise server
5 Application server
6 Notes Client

On admin client

Register OU, file→ prefs → admin prefs. Registration - set up defaults

Registration server must be set before setting up additional servers.

Create Certification Log

File → database → new. Select server, select file (template?) called certlog.ntf for Certification Log. Click Create.

Remote admin

Add admin group to admin field in server document (basics tab), restart server.

On server console, 'broadcast “Hello” ' causes pop up with message to appear on client screen.

Server document, security tab, add users for who can do what, eg. create or replicate db, access server.

On Console, <“file.txt” pipes contents of text file to server prompt.

“set secure password” - stop server being shut down without a password.

FQ names


CN = David Eldridge
Notes Domain = NOTESDOMAIN

To create a new Organisation, you need Net Creator role.

User ID

Contains Certificates, Password, Encryption Keys, FQ name, Expiry Date, Private Key, Licence Info, Security information for encryption.

User id → Private key

Names.nsf person doc → Public key

Encrypt with Public Key, Decrypt with Private key,

Signing is opposite, Sign with Private Key, Verify signature with Public key.

User ID tab - allows mail of Public Key to person prior to receiving encrypted mail (if there si no access to Public names and addresses, names.nsf)

Signing mail, Options→ Sign mail.

Password Checking

Person Document → admin → “Check password”

- adds password digest to person.doc

Server Document - enable “passwords on notes ids”

Locating notes on server home directory

These files need to be located on a home directory to enable hot desking. They are set in notes.ini

  • user.id
  • local copy of names.nsf
  • desktop.dsk
  • cache.dsk
  • local mailfiles

Multiple PW

Server → configuration → Certification, edit multiple passwords.

Mail Routing

Domino Named Networks require:-

  • Constant connection
  • Same network protocol

Mail connection documents are uni directional, so two are needed, one each way.

Shared Mail - not enabled as default. Stored in mailobj1.nsf. Adds number for each new db created. In server doc, configuration. Check by looking on server console, use show server, will either be enabled or not enabled.

Message tracking, mtstore.nsf os storage for mail tracking. Enable mail tracking, tell mtc process to run, tell mtc purge, purge old documents.

SMTP mail

Configurations → Router/SMTP - enabled.

Directory catalogue

Implementing Domain infra…..???, after local replica is created on user workspace, replicate to populate with data.

Admin Process

needs certlog.nsf → admin4.nsf

Password recovery

Create database to storeid's in, mailin database.
Use “export” button on “extract recovery pw” page to import existing users into recovery db.

Web Access

Every DB should have “Anonymous” ACL field set to restrict unintended web access.

Server Setting, Check for “allow authenticated access” and “allow anonymous access”

http security → config tab → web button, “create file protection”

URL mapping/redirection, use /domino as root for any redirections for file names. URL → redirection URL (include http: !!)

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