Ever needed to pretend you actually know or care about football?? Here are some vital phrases to learn, said with conviction they will impress any supporter, in fact the more fervent the supporter, the more they will impress.

By country.

Never write off the Germans.
German efficiency always wins.

Can anyone stop Spain?
Are Spain still hungry?

England expects (something).

Irish eyes are smiling at that.
The luck of the Irish.

In fighting in the Dutch team.

Self evident

The next goal will be crucial.
Anything can happen.
It's a festival of football.
This game needs a goal.
Penalty shootouts are the unknown result.
It's still all to play for.
They're a well organised team.
This goal means they're off to the worst possible start.
It's all over when the whistle blows.


Off to a perfect start.
The group of death.
This goal could have come too early.
xxx are the dark horses.
There are no easy games at this level.
They're a one man team.
xxxx are the traditional slow starters.
They carry the nation's hopes.
It's a dangerous lead.
xxxx are technical team.
Take it each game at a time.
xxxx have one hand on the silverware.

Simply incorrect!

xxx give it 110% !

In case you haven't already guessed, I really don't give a stuff about football. Give me a good book anyday.

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