Logging in


Connect a LAN Cable to the MGMT LAN port and connect the other end of the cable
to your networking gear (PC, hub, switch, or router). From the factory, the default IP
address of the FSP 150CCf-825 is:

Serial port

Connect serial cable to port, usual speeds, 8N1, 9600.
Hit the “Enter” key and you will be prompted to enter a login and password. The
default login and password are ‘covaro1’ and ‘covaro#1,’ respectively. A warning
banner and continue query displays. Enter “y” to the query and the serial console CLI
prompt (–>) will then be displayed.

Password Reset

Not tested at this time.

Procedure to reset your device to Factory Defaults.
After you return to the defaults, login as
Login : Root
Pass: ChgMeNOW

Procedure to recover default password sent:

1. Connect to the serial port using an Ethernet straight through cat-5 and the FSP 150CC RJ-45 to DB9 adapter. 
2. Open an application that allows you to connect to your serial port and specify the following attributes:
• Bits per Second: 9600
• Data Bits: 8
• Parity: None
• Stop Bits: 1
• Flow Control: None
3. Cycle the power to the FSP 150 CC and immediately depress the space bar on the serial port application until you see the following prompt:

Key pressed, stopping boot.

Entered console ... User request.

Type 'help' to list available commands.

4. At the prompt, hit return once to get past any space characters that were accepted. Then enter the defaultdb command and reset the unit:

Restoring factory defaults... done.
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