Network Monitoring

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At work when the network project first started up, we could not afford the cost of a commercial SNMP package, but we required some of the functionality to monitor the health of the network. So I started writing some very simple scripts which pinged each ip device we wanted to test. The first script was very crude, too embarrassing to post here in fact. :-(
Subsequently, this was developed to include SNMP uptime and in conjunction with MRTG, traffic graphing. This is explained under Network Testing.
After seeing the confusion of trying to work out which switch ports were in use and which were not but still patched on several large Cisco 5500/6500 switches I developed an SNMP based port probe to build a picture of useage. This is under Ethernet Switch testing.
Like us, some of you may have a requirement to verify that a Service Level Agreement is being adhered to. Under SLA validating, there are some scripts developed for this purpose, these can be viewed on demand in a browser, or can be viewed weekly as a .pdf file.
Lastly, I can never remember the format of crontab, so I wrote a quick reminder, and also to take the pain out of calculating networks, masks & broadcast addresses, I found the Network Calculator. I cannot remember where I found it, so if it is yours and you would like a credit, please email me and I will gladly oblige.

All of these scripts & are released under the GPL Licence, if you can improve them, please do so, but mail me the improvements and I will try to incorporate them. (suggestions-at-rainsbrook-dot-co-dot-uk)
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Network Testing
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